About Lindsay

Lindsay is a marathoner, triathlete, writer and feminist from Michigan who flies with the Oiselle Volee.

She’s been running since the age of 11, eventually competing in cross country and track in high school. After a few rocky years with running (non-competitively) in college, she took up long-distance running in 2010 starting with the Crim 10-Mile in Flint.

It was in the long distances, rather than the 5K and shorter races, that Lindsay found her home. She’s run five marathons and five half marathons. In 2012, she took up cycling and has completed two 100-mile bike tours. The summer of 2017 is the summer of triathlon.

Her goals include running a 3:30 marathon, competing at the Boston Marathon and competing in a half ironman in 2017.

A former struggle worshiper, she has learned to live with love and joy. This blog is about finding the way through life and about loving the journey with stubborn gladness.


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