Two months after InsideTracker

Am I Wonder Woman? ‘Cause I think I might be Wonder Woman, you guys.

It’s been about two months since I’ve purchased my InsideTracker Ultimate plan and gotten the most detailed, complete blood testing I’ve ever had.

You can read about what’s been bothering me and what the results showed:

I’m sick of being tired, so I’m trying something new 
My InsideTracker results are in and not what I thought

In short, I have been increasingly fatigued in the past seven years, and the tests showed my Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels are pretty low.I immediately started supplementing with B and D vitamins to get my levels up. While I typically prefer to get my nutrients through whole food, I needed to give myself that boost. After spending five years as a pescetarian, I still don’t eat a lot of meat to get the B vitamins I needed.

Slowly I noticed I wasn’t feeling that bone-deep fatigue I’ve had for years. My seasonal allergies give me a lot of fatigue, but underneath that, I could tell things were changing. One day in early June, I realized I felt amazing.

I might be slow, but I’m stronger than ever.

Before I started taking the vitamins, work and training would take everything I had. That meant I left dishes and laundry undone for longer than I would’ve liked. After a workout or work, I’d collapse on my couch and either watch too many episodes of a TV show or fall asleep, and then sabotage my training and sleep. I didn’t have the mental energy to do a lot of writing. I couldn’t focus to read books, which is one of my favorite things. It wasn’t that I was lazy; my tank felt empty most of the time. It was a fatigue sleep couldn’t cure. In time, part of me started to think that’s just the way I was and I’d have to deal with it.

But on this day in early June, I swam a mile, biked a hard 15 in the heat and then ran 2.5 miles, and I still felt fine after a little recovery. The next day, I biked 27 miles on a hotter day, took a rest and a trip to my apartment pool for a dip, and then started to clean. That ride didn’t deplete me.

The next weekend I rode 40 miles, the longest of the season. Got done, felt good. Sure, I would’ve felt tired if I’d gone running, but I could do my training and still be a person who does other things.

A beautiful scene on a recent ride.

I thought back to high school when I’d get up early, spend the day working hard at school and then training hard at cross country and track practice and not feel like I had nothing left at the end of the day. There’s a difference between being pleasantly tired in the evening and having nothing in your tank.

InsideTracker says “Knowledge is power.” It is. Blood data tell you what you’re doing right and how you can improve. I spent too long telling myself I just had to deal. If you feel like there’s something going on with you, there just might be. It’s far better to know than to guess.

Now I can train for my goals confident that I’m doing everything do achieve them.


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