Note to self: Eat more food

After my triathlon yesterday, I had a nasty headache for 24 hours. It’s still lurking.

I often get headaches after races, which I attribute to dehydration, not getting in enough food immediately and the hard effort. Usually, however, the headaches don’t last a day and defy Aleve and three Tylenol.

Although I drank a bottle of water and SOS hydration immediately after the race, it took me 45 minutes or so to get food in. I have such a hard time eating right after races because my stomach is quite sensitive. Even if I’m hungry, food just doesn’t sound good.

On top of that, I haven’t been eating enough during the past few weeks. My poor immune system has worked in overdrive and that takes away my appetite. It’s like having a cold for six weeks. I feel shaky and nauseated.

Today I bought $60 worth of groceries and forced myself to eat a vegetable-filled wrap and a jug of chocolate milk for lunch. I’ll need to focus on eating a bigger lunch and more snacks throughout the day to keep my calories up with the training I’m getting in to.

My plan is to keep around food such as superhero muffins, homemade oat and nut butter energy balls, hard-boiled eggs and nuts for a boost between meals.

I’ll also make sure I eat and drink more during the race and shove some food in my face right after big workouts and races, even if it’s the last thing I want.

The headaches have been so bad, they can take away the joy of racing. Discomfort during the race is good, but I don’t want to suffer even more because of a fueling problem.


2 thoughts on “Note to self: Eat more food

  1. I’m a new triathlete too and I saw a woman tape GU to her top tube so she could just rip them off while on the bike portion. That seems like a good option, though I haven’t tried it yet myself.


    1. It’s a good idea. I can’t use Gu because it’s too hard on my stomach, but I plan on finding something I can eat on the bike.


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