I’m scared, but it’s good.

The other day I went to register for my very first triathlon, a sprint distance.

The swim distance caught my eye–800 meters. For whatever reason, I thought it’d be 400 or 500 meters.


My immediate reaction: NO, NO, NO. I’m not ready for that! (Nevermind that I can swim 2,000 meters in a session).  To be honest with you, I looked at a June 25 race to give myself more time.

But then my courage took over. I’m so grateful my courage has been a bit stronger than my fear. Besides, it’s good to do things that scare us. We live in a world made for comfort. Discomfort is the path to growth and better things.

A longer swimming distance is better for me in the long run since my plan is to do a half ironman in September.

And I can swim 800 meters.

So I paid my $88 registration fee (why did I have to start a more expensive sport? I’m a journalist. Oh well.), and I bought lock laces for my running shoes.

Look! Triathlete things!

No turning back now.

One week from today, if all goes as planned, I’ll kick back with a beer and celebrate the fact that I am a triathlete.


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