That time I made decisions and allowed no excuses

Since my most recent and very open post about my nerdy new mantra, I’ve been working to put that into practice.

It is tough right now given my allergies/asthma, but I’m trying, you guys (just a couple more weeks and I’m free!).

Last week, I did the hardest swim session in months, and then a few days later decided very suddenly I was going to do flip turns now.

Then I got on my bike and flogged myself for 20 miles, which I haven’t done in a while. And then the next day I rode another 20 on sore legs.

Taking a break on a beautiful spot on the trail.

The best part? I went all in.

In that fourth of six all-out 100-meter repeats in the pool, I didn’t know if I’d be able to finish. But I did, and my final interval was my fastest by about 10 seconds. And then three days later I got in the pool and swam the farthest I’ve ever gone without a break. That hurt, too.

That first bike ride hurt. All I know about cycling is masochism. I really wanted to quit the next day when my legs were tired and my shoulders hurt like hell.

Underlying all of this is that I decided to try hard again and just go for it.

My first triathlon is coming up in a few weeks. In three months, I hope to do a half ironman.

Going into these races, I’m not going to give myself a time goal at all because that’s tripped me up in the past. I don’t want to get hung up on some numbers that’ll only matter to me. This summer, it’s just about giving it everything I’ve got, accepting the outcome and stepping off from there.

You know, enjoying the process.


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