My InsideTracker results are in and not what I thought

I got my InsideTracker results back yesterday and breathed a sigh of relief. The tests confirmed the fatigue and weakness I feel are real.

My vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels are low.

The results are also not what I thought they’d be: My iron is too high and my cortisol is perfect.

There it is. Low levels of vitamins D and B12 can cause fatigue and weakness. Also difficulty sleeping. It wasn’t in my head. Those days I had trouble gathering the strength to do yoga, there was a reason for that.

What’s more, InsideTracker offers ways on how to improve those levels. More fish, more red meat, more nuts, more berries and more beans. I can do that. InsideTracker even recommended a regular dose of dark chocolate.

What’s more, the Food Basket shows a daily spread of what I can eat to meet my nutrient and calorie intake. While I love cooking, I can always use new ideas.

I’m grateful to have this baseline from which to build my health. I don’t have to wonder if my cortisol levels were off the charts, or whether inflammation was causing havoc or if my iron levels continued to lag. As it turns out, I’m doing a fine job managing my stress and my iron levels. InsideTracker also showed me I’m doing pretty damn well, and I don’t need an entire overhaul of my diet. That’s something I had wondered about because I tend to eat a lot of the same few foods: salmon, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and eggs.

Moving ahead, I’m going to boost my diet with nuts, beans, Vitamin D milk and more fish, and I’m going to supplement to help get my B12 and D levels up to par.

It’ll take time, but now I know how to get my strength back.


5 thoughts on “My InsideTracker results are in and not what I thought

      1. Didn’t intend to be nosed. Sorry.

        My vit d levels was 7.9. I felt fine. I got megadoses for awhile and it shot up into the mid 60’s. I felt no different. Until I got a fragility fracture. I have osteoporosis as a male in his mid 40’s. My skeleton compares favorably to a 100 year old. It has made me a little bit less aggressive on the bike.

        Vit d is directly associated to bone health. There is a lot of speculation about other roles (I’m a skeptic about most of it) and there is a lot of debate about what is “normal”. Under 20 is clearly deficient. 20-30 is debatable. Can it cause your symptoms? No clear answer, but it could undermine your bone health without any symptoms which can set you up for major problems down the road.

        B12? Yeah, that is more likely to be the culprit. I assume your hemoglobin was tested and was normal (if not, low b12 will cause anemia). But you don’t need to be clinically anemic to have symptoms of b12 deficiency.

        If values were very low, you may want to talk to your doctor. There is the issue of “why”? It could just be diet and living in a norther climate (for d). But there can be some malabsorption issues. Also, high dose supplements (oral for d injection for b12) may help get your levels up faster.

        Hope you feel better.


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