I’m sick of being tired, so I’m trying something new

It seems like I’ve struggled with fatigue for seven years. I don’t remember being this damned tired all the time when I was in high school or university.

My breathing is shallow, my sinuses are constantly acting up, I have frequent headaches, I have a tough time sleeping and I often don’t feel like doing anything. That’s not exactly the recipe for a Boston Marathon qualifier. The gap between who I want to be and who I am is wide.

This fatigue, which also weighs heavily on my mind and emotions, is holding me back. My training isn’t as consistent and intense as it needs to be, and yet, I often feel like I’m barely holding on. I haven’t had a good year of running in two years.

The seven-year timeline, if I’m accurate, coincides with starting my career. Let’s be real: it’s tough to balance a stressful job with doing all of the other things I need to do. While I absolutely love my job, I’m struggling with not letting it take over the rest of my life.

This hurts. Struggle is a part of life, but this doesn’t feel right and it hasn’t for some time.

So I am doing something about it. I ordered a plan from InsideTracker, which will test 41 bio markers in my blood and give me an idea of what’s going on. It’ll give me recommendations for the best diet for what I need to become my best, strongest self. Although I didn’t intend to spend $589 on this, I decided to go for the most comprehensive plan. My primary care physicians over the years haven’t been able to give me the in-depth information I need because by average American standards, I’m quite healthy.

And yet, I’m coming at my health from the perspective of a serious athlete.

Maybe I’ve got too much cortisol in my body, and maybe my iron is low. Just knowing what’s going on inside will help me organize my life, training and diet in a way that helps me become the athlete and person I want to become.

I don’t know how this effort will turn out, but I feel better for having taken a step forward.

UPDATE: My InsideTracker results are in and not what I thought


5 thoughts on “I’m sick of being tired, so I’m trying something new

  1. Sounds familiar (see my latest post)! I go through peaks and troughs, usually able to self-manage with an iron supplement or multivitamin, but not this time… Interested to hear what you get back from the results and I hope it works for you!

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    1. Your story is so familiar! It just sucks. It’s a relief to hear from someone else dealing with a similar problem; again and again I’ve wondered if it’s just in my head.

      Time off hasn’t help me much, either. I took two weeks off in late February, early March. It was good for me, but then allergy season kicked in and I’m collapsing. Trying to manage this myself just isn’t working. Best of luck to you, too!

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      1. Exactly. Most people don’t understand and think it’s just regular “tiredness”. Very frustrating – especially when al you want to do is get out and train! Look forward to reading your blog updates on how things are going.

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      2. I always laugh when people who know me will say “Oh you have so much energy to be doing all that running.” HA! I barely have my shit together.

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