Pressing pause and changing directions

I’m pressing pause on running this week.

Running has been a struggle for me for about two years (and I’m sick of writing about it). I haven’t been able to find a good, consistent rhythm in my training. Everything feels incredibly forced. I don’t expect perfection; in fact I expect a lot of mediocre days. That’s OK. But as runners, we know when something else is going on. For me, running needs a reset. I need to hit the refresh button and rejuvenate my training.

In the past two of years. I’ve pondered about what to do. I’ve allowed myself rest days and easy weeks, and I’ve pushed through as best I could. None of this has made any difference.

On a walk yesterday evening, I realized I’ve struggled with running since I moved to the town I currently live in. It’s an OK town and there are decent places to run nearby, but it’s not a place I love. My environment plays a big role in how I feel. My apartment lease isn’t up for a year, so I may be where I am for a while longer because I have to consider the finances. 

Until then, in my quest to be proactive, I’m doing a few things:

  1. Inside Tracker.  It’s time to get my blood tested and see what I can do nutritionally and otherwise to get myself on track. I know iron has been a problem for me, and my regular doctor hasn’t been able to shed any light on that. I’ve heard great things about Inside Tracker, and I’m excited to check it out.
  2. Triathlon. This is the year! While I am pressing pause on running this week, I’m going for walks and swims. This isn’t a rest week. I hope adding triathlon to my life will improve my running. Other runners I know have had success with this. I’ve been running for 17 years, and it’s definitely time to switch things up.
  3. Meditation. One of the constants of my move is stress. I have a bigger job, and I live in a busier area. My job is great, but it takes a lot out of me. That stress definitely has an impact on my running.
  4. Just keep going. I’ve wondered if I babied myself too much. I’m trying to walk a line of achievement in running and in my career, and that’s not easy to manage. I know things are not always going to go my way, and sometimes all you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other. Doubt and anxiety have plagued me, and it takes a lot of energy to keep feeding them.Above all, I need to have faith in myself that I am capable of doing all these things.

Head up, wings out.


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