Pause. Deep breaths. Reset.

January was a tough month.

While it started very successfully as I worked on forming new habits, it got a bit chaotic.

My truck completely broke down an hour from my home, and I had to get that fixed. What a mess.

Two weeks later, I got into a crash on the highway. Thankfully, I was not hurt, and my truck needs only minor work. But fishtailing across I-75 and slamming into a median was not a great way to spend a Saturday night.
Seriously, I should start carrying a toothbrush with me because I was stuck overnight twice without one.

I also working an hour away from where I live on a temporary assignment in Detroit. Let me be clear: this is so much fun. My colleagues in Detroit are great to work with, and I love getting to know Detroit better. However, the commuting time drain is significant, and a new routine upset the one I was creating. Getting in my runs has been a challenge without as much access to daylight as I’m used to, and I haven’t been able to swim at all. The drive and the worry about my fitness adds stress to my life.

With all of the other things going on in the world, I’ve been feeling a bit harassed. Even my newly-cultivated mindfulness was struggling to handle the concern about all the money I’ve had to put into my truck. But it’s OK. I’ve thankfully had help in dealing with all these truck-related problems.

January reminded me to pause, take a breath and reset. February already feels refreshing because the sun came out for the first time since December in Michigan. We’re all sun drunk up here.

And there were some good things in January. I’ve been working out and doing yoga daily. Lots of push ups, more consistent lifting weights and strength training, and I’m already feeling the difference. The other night night, I was doing core work with a Swiss ball, and I could do more reps. I also discovered a fun method of fitness through some stress relief: shadow boxing! I pummeled the air like a mad woman and damn, I was sore the next two days.

So deep breath, pause. This is a reset. I’ve got work to do.


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