I am ready for something big

There’s less than two weeks to go until the Marine Corps Marathon.

My flight to D.C. is booked. My Oiselle Volee race kit is in order. As much hay has I could get in the barn is in the barn. My body needs to heal and get stronger; I’m so grateful it’s taper time.

This Oiselle kit. It's so beautiful.
This Oiselle kit. It’s so beautiful.

If I seem less than enthusiastic about my training, it’s because I’m not sure what to make of it. I had some great, confidence-building workouts and a lot of tough ones. My body has been going through something I’ve never dealt with before: a deep pain and ache similar to that when you’ve been on your feet all day–but 4 miles into a run.

But here’s the thing: I feel really good about the Marine Corps Marathon. I am going to do something good on Oct. 30. I’m not certain if I can PR, but I am going to try. What I really want to do is win, to get the best out of myself on the day.

I’ve got a lot of things going for me:

  • I’m strong. I’ve handled a lot of failure and haven’t given up. I’ve run four marathons, so I know how to do this. And for this race, I’m more excited than nervous. When I watched Jan Frodeno talk about how much he suffered during the Ironman World Championships, my thought was “I can’t wait to go out there and suffer!”
  • I’ve been healthy since 2012 (only a few minor niggles here and there, but nothing that’s put me out for weeks), so I’ve got a lot of consistent work to draw upon.
  • I’ve finally found race nutrition that works for me! My GI system is so sensitive to sugar it’s been a hell of a time finding food that works. Honey Stinger chews are fantastic and delicious and don’t stick to your teeth like glue.
  • My race kit is bad ass, you guys. The Oiselle team 3/4 top makes me feel fast basically because it’s the same style kit elite women wear. It’s hard to think you’re slow when you feel like Kara Goucher.
  • Most important, I have a great group of people around me. My family, friends and Oiselle teammates have buoyed me so much. I’ve created a list of 26 people to run for, from people I know to people I’ve never met who inspire me with their courage.

I need a win, you guys. It’s been a tough year in many ways. It’s been two years since I’ve had a good race. I need a day where I put forth a monster effort and succeed. Somehow, something deep inside of me is telling me this will happen. Instead of doubting, I’m going to have faith.


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