That time I smashed a workout of Yasso 800s

Last week (this post got away from me), I set out to run a workout of half-mile intervals, essentially Yasso 800s.

Except I was running the intervals on a half-mile stretch of rail trail.

I was nervous for this. I mean, it’s Yasso 800s! And my fitness this year has not been the greatest. Running for the past year has largely been a struggle, and I’ve got six weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon.

But things have been coming around.

My goal was to run 10 intervals in 3:45 each because 3:45 seems like a reasonable goal for me in the marathon. It’d be a PR and a step closer to running 3:30.

I set off down the trail and ran the first interval in 3:01, or 7 minute mile pace. I laughed and figured I’d slow down through the workout, and worried I’d have to negotiate with myself to get past six intervals.

Except I didn’t slow down, and I didn’t have to negotiate with myself.

I ran 10 intervals and felt ridiculously strong. My pace averaged 6:57 minutes per mile, easily the fastest I’ve ever done that workout, and it was controlled. I was pretty tired when I get back home, but I was hardly sore the next day.

Sweet relief.

I’ve got a big month ahead, but I’m headed into it with confidence. Usually six weeks before a marathon is when I’m starting to burn out. This time, I’m revving up and really coming into my fitness.

This workout reminds me of how easy it is to discount the years and years of work I’ve done. Maybe I’m not in the best shape of my life, but I’m clearly much more fit than I thought.

I’m looking forward to┬áseeing how my training shapes up and what that means for my goal pace at the Marine Corps Marathon. Who knows? Maybe the crap from the past year has been preparing me for the race of a lifetime.


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