Staying true

Dream bigger.

Not of mountains if you don’t want to climb,

but the forest if your soul rests easy there.

For who can say what success is?

Dream bigger for you and for your soul.

A life well-lived is no hellish rat race—don’t play!

Break from the whims and prejudices of the noisy lot around you.

Go toward the calm and bright light only you can see.

You know.

Breathe with your own inner tides,

Not that massive ocean pulling you this way and that.

Dream bigger because a small dream is fear,

Staying at the bottom where you can’t fall.

How will you know what’s out there

From this self-imposed dungeon?

Dream of life beyond what you now suffer through,

And know: It doesn’t have to stay this way.

There is no law decreeing this is your only path.

A change of course is not quitting,

It’s staying true.



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