I’m not feeling so good, my leg is haunted.

Two weeks ago, I had an amazing tempo run in the heat. I couldn’t believe how fast I had ran given my apparent lack of fitness from a crappy year.

Except. It set off my on-again, off-again high-hamstring tendinopathy. This damn haunted leg! I spent a week running short and easy, something I was also forced into because of a sinus infection.

On Monday, I gave in and went for a 10-mile run because I was so frightened of not getting in training and my hamstring had been so much better. That 10 miles was the easiest 10 miles I’d ever run. It was effortless and didn’t take anything out of me, except for my hamstring. It hurts again. It hurts frequently while sitting, lying down, walking and standing. And my marathon is about 10 weeks away.


I’ve been stretching, icing and foam rolling. There’s black KT Tape Pro striped down my glutes and hamstring. I’ve been trying to stand a lot more at work, and then when I need to sit, sit in a way that’s not going to make my hamstring much worse. Plus, it hurts my back to stand on a concrete floor for hours at a time.

This is getting me worried.

I’m pleased with where my fitness is considering I thought it was awful. And being able to swim is really helpful because it’s definitely making me stronger. Where am I at now? I don’t know. Dealing with this day-by-day. Trying not to make it too much worse, but also trying to get training in.
But I think about how Chrissie Wellington powered through something similar to win the Ironman World Championships. I’m only trying to do the last part of that event. I’m thinking about Abbey D’Augostino running a mile on a shredded knee at the Olympics. It’s impossible to forget I’m training for the MARINE CORPS MARATHON. Like, MARINES. Some of the toughest people on Earth. That’s all enough to make me feel like I can do anything.

I don’t know what this training segment is to look like as I balance fitness and health, but I’m old enough now to not put too much pressure on myself. This is supposed to be (mostly) fun. I’ve gotten through worse.


2 thoughts on “I’m not feeling so good, my leg is haunted.

  1. Oh no! I hope it feels better soon. I also currently have KT tape all over my legs at the moment (left extensor tendons, right Achilles’) and it seems to be working?


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