Masters swim update No. 1: Feeling like an athlete

I can’t stop talking about swimming since I started learning how to properly swim a week ago.

Because, you guys, it’s the most fun thing.

Tonight was my third time at the masters swim at Fuller Pool in Ann Arbor, and I swam 1,500 meters. My final 200 meters were hard because I was tired, but otherwise, I felt really good. I almost felt like I knew what I was doing, a far cry from the hyperventilating and waterboarding that dominated my first swim.

Today, I went with a goal of swimming 1,500 meters, knowing I’d be pushing myself. But I also believed in myself. I swam with a pull buoy, I swam with a kickboard and worked, worked, worked on my breathing, my stroke, my hips and my rotation. Like a swimmer. There’s so much to learn; this is just the beginning, but what a beginning.

Honestly, I never expected to take to swimming as well as I have. One of my favorite things about swimming is that I have to think about what I’m doing every second. My monkey mind cannot wander, or my form goes to shit. Excellent mindfulness practice.

On the way home from my session, I stopped to get gas (along with everyone else), and standing there at the pump, I felt like an athlete. I’ve been running since age 11 and identified as a runner for so long that I felt like a one-trick pony. But now that I’m a cyclist, too, damn. I’m becoming well-rounded in endurance sports, and I can do them pretty well.

I’m incredibly excited about my future as a triathlete. This year, I feel so incredibly strong on the bike and now in the pool that I’m not so worried about the sad shape of my running in recent months. It’ll come around. I believe in myself.



2 thoughts on “Masters swim update No. 1: Feeling like an athlete

  1. Isn’t swimming the best? Like you I was shocked by how well I took to it and how much I liked it once I got past the initial “WTF is happening?!” hump. I work really hard in the pool at masters, and when I’m done I always feel fantastic. I really can’t say enough good things about swimming.

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    1. Same here. It’s strange how good I feel after a swim compared to a run or bike. I mean, my arms have definitely been tired, but it’s a different kind of tired.

      I’m still in the very basics stage, so I’m focused right now on technique rather than speed. I am looking forward to pushing myself more physically as I become stronger and more efficient.

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