Oh yeah. That time I ran a marathon unfit and injured

I’ve been nervous for my upcoming half marathon because I’ve basically only been able to run once a week for the last month.

Asthma, man. This shit kicks my ass (thankfully, my allergy season is nearly over).

Bayshore is where I set my half marathon PR in 2013; I registered with hopes to bettering that time of 1:39:25.


In 2013, I completed hard long runs of 16 miles. This year, I think I ran 14 miles once. Yeah, I’ve been pretty anxious about this race Saturday. I know I can go the distance, but who likes going to a race and feeling like a failure?

During one of my rare runs on Monday, I remembered what I did in 2011: ran a marathon on 10 weeks of low-mileage training after 10 weeks off AND an injury. I’m not race fit right now, but I’m not terribly unfit, either. And I’m definitely not injured. And this race is half that distance.

Since that realization, I’ve lightened up quite a bit. It’s one race. No, it’s not going to go as well as I would have liked so I must let that go. I’m going to go out there Saturday and do the best I can on the day. It’s an exploration.

Bayshore is one of the most beautiful courses in Michigan, and after I get ice cream and I’ll spend time with some great people. Given the popularity of the race, I feel like I know half the folks running. Then, a visit to Short’s Brewery.

How can I lose?


7 thoughts on “Oh yeah. That time I ran a marathon unfit and injured

    1. You’re right. It is always tough for me to run when I know I’m not in a position to at least give my best. I rarely race, so each race for me is a big deal.
      I’m glad to have a fall marathon lined up so I can get fit and give it hell.


  1. I had a moment like that during last Sunday’s race. Obviously I always like to do well but when I was out there riding my bike in the beautiful hills of rural northern Georgia, I was like, “No matter what happens, I’ll be happy with this race because I got to do this.”

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  2. It’s going to be a great weekend! Take time to enjoy the view, that is worth a race of any pace :) Not every race has to be a PR and you’ll know what your body is capable of when you wake up (super super early lol) Saturday morning. For some perspective, I’d rather be unfit and running rather than indefinitely sidelined. See you at the finish line!

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