So what am I doing in 2016?

It’s May, and I have yet to run a race in 2016.

My training has been inconsistent all year because of lingering fatigue from a stressful 2015 and my horrendous seasonal allergies/asthma. At this point, I’m just trying to get runs in. And I’ve got a half marathon in three weeks.

In some way, this year feels like a waste, just like 2015 did. But such is the nature of life and running. I had two great years in 2013 and 2014, setting PRs in the half marathon and marathon. We can’t indefinitely sustain intensity, at least I know I can’t.

Regardless of the challenges, I want 2016 to count for something. So what the hell am I doing this year?

Bayshore Half Marathon

This is one of my favorite races. I set my PR on the course in 2013, when I was incredibly fit and strong. I am not that this year. My goal for the race is to have fun. If I can run about a 1:45, that’s great. Running has been so tough for me since October, I need to get back to the basics of it. I need to enjoy it, to experience something. To let go of what I think I should be achieving and be where I am now.

And if that race doesn’t go well, I’ll have a great community and a camping trip planned.

Summer of biking

I’ll run this summer, but I want to focus on another 100-mile adventure and perhaps a 50- or 60-miler. Biking is so much fun for me, and it gets more fun with each season.

The Crim 10 mile + 3.1

I always run the Crim. I have for the past 5 years and intend to keep going. Flint puts on a great race, and especially needs a beautiful celebration this year.

Marine Corps Marathon

If I ever needed inspiration, damn, I’ve got it. I’ve only heard great things about this race. It’s a brand new adventure during the best time of the year. My hope is that with several months of going easy on myself and a summer of biking and running, I can get back to the form I was in during training for the Hamilton Marathon and the 2014 Chicago Marathon.

More than anything, I want to be that tough, intense marathoner I have been. I feel removed from that person, unfortunately, but it’s tough to be that person when my body isn’t ready.

Throughout my life I’ve had a sense of faith that I can get back to the top when I’ve been struggling. I’ve been down before and got back to form. This year, I’ll be working on that climb again.


2 thoughts on “So what am I doing in 2016?

  1. I love your race schedule. I, too, feel like like year was a tough one. That’s how running goes though right, through cycles? It’s tough mentally and physically though. I’ve heard great things about Bayshore and Crim 10. You will LOVE Marine Corps. It was my first race I ran in college. Enjoy!!


    1. Thank you! It does go through some quirky cycles. I had three really good years, and then some tough times. Definitely tough mentally especially when I see so many runners doing amazing things and achieving dreams. It’s tough not to compare ourselves to others, even if we know it’s unhealthy.
      Having some fun races to look forward to is the only thing I can think of to help.


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