Dealing with three injuries in one leg

My right leg from my hamstring to my foot has been in trouble for a week.

Last Monday, I was out for an easy 3-mile run when less than a mile in my right IT band started hurting suddenly. After a few more steps to test it out, I turned tail and jogged home. I haven’t run a step since.

Because not only was my IT band sore (I could feel a knot when I was foam rolling), my on-again, off-again high hamstring tendinopathy and peroneal tendinitis were acting up at the same time. I don’t have a lot of power in my hamstring and I’ve had a slight limp all week.

My week has been full of icing, foam rolling and rest. I want to stop this nonsense before it gets worse so I can get back to training.

There may be a silver lining to this forced rest—I’ve been feeling fatigued for weeks, and I don’t know why.

I think my foot and IT band will be fine as long as I keep up the foam rolling and stop leaning on the outside of my right foot, which is a bad tendency of mine.

The hamstring, though, is a bit of a problem. It’s past time for me to get to work on a rehab program and stick with it. Starting tonight, I’m going to do a lot of bridges and other glute strengthening work, and hopefully soon I can start stretching my hamstring.

All of the above was my fault. I should have been doing active warm ups indoors before heading out to run and been rolling more regularly. With a lot of other things going on in my life this month, I tossed the extras out the window and was simply trying to get miles and some yoga in regularly.

Injuries are what happen when we let our guard down, and sometimes, it’s because life happens. My job has taken up more of my time than usual, and that hurt my running. My shifts have been all over the place, messing with my sleep (which I already have a lot of trouble with). Hopefully as I ease into my new role, my schedule will stabilize, and I’ll find a healthy rhythm of work and running.

Meanwhile, I’m forgiving myself for the lapse and not freaking out. My big race this spring is a half marathon at the end of May, so I have plenty of time to get fit.

I’m glad I’ve learned not to be one of those runners who pushes through injuries before they get terribly bad. Honestly, I don’t understand why folks do that. Yeah, not running sucks, but being injured for months because you were an idiot is much worse.


6 thoughts on “Dealing with three injuries in one leg

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with injuries but it sounds like you have a good attitude towards dealing with them. And I agree, it’s a terrible idea to run through injuries. People may want to but all it usually does is cost them even more down the road. Better to just take the time off now.


    1. My foot and IT band are OK now; foam rolling and icing did the trick. I have to stay on top of foam rolling. The hamstring is a lot trickier. I got it under control and started running again; but one day I didn’t stick to my normal routine and it got bad fast. The hamstring has been bothering me for a few years, so it’s going to take a lot of work.

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      1. Do you do any sort of strengthening work? Doing clamshells and leg lifts and things like that really helped me with my IT band. It was actually shocking how much it helped me.


  2. Yes, I have a little home gym that includes free weights, a kettle bell, a Swiss ball and stuff. I do strength/core and yoga several times a week. It helps so much.
    I hate gyms and weightlifting, so I don’t do much of that.


  3. Interesting read. I have a mild case of Plantar fasciitis in my right heel and am debating whether or not to take time off running to let it heal ( I dread this as I NEED to run!). I am stretching a lot and icing when I need it and rolling a ball under my arch when sitting. Do you think I should stop running for it to heal?Any tips? Problem is I don’t feel it when I run. I ly when I get up in the morning.


    1. Make sure you foam roll your calf a lot. That helped me, as did wrapping it with KT tape. Not sure how effective KT tape is, but it felt good.
      I had to stop running after a serious bout of PF, but I was able to work through another one.

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