When the universe delivers

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that 2015 was a damned tough year for me.

I was determined to turn things around, get rid of stress from my job that weighed me down, achieve success with running and generally get happier. Truth be told, I didn’t know how exactly I was going to make that happen. This all takes a lot of work, which I was eager to put in, but the environment I was in was taking its toll.

And this week, the universe delivered.

My employer went through a round of layoffs and restructuring. The newspaper industry is a tough one to be in these days. The layoffs are hard; I’ll miss my friends and colleagues who are no longer with the company, and I’m sad they are gone. But as with almost everything, there’s a silver lining. For me, it’s gold.

It’s a new opportunity within an existing one. I’ll be able to expand and grow as a reporter and person because of these changes. Best of all, the immense stress I felt is lifted off my shoulders. I feel lighter, refreshed and excited about my job.

Truth be told, I could tell something was coming at work. All the signs were there. I simply didn’t expect it to work out for me as it had.

This year is going to be challenging, but I’m a marathoner. I like challenges.

Tonight, after three long and exhausting days, I ran 4 miles (+ strides!) in the rain, and I didn’t even feel it. This is the place I want to be in.

In 2016, I’m taking things to a new level. I’m going to join a training group in Ann Arbor to challenge myself and get faster and better. I’m going for my BQ. I’m going to run 2,016 miles. I’m going to ride at least two centuries. I’m going to go to Sugarloaf Mountain.

This is the year I fly.


4 thoughts on “When the universe delivers

  1. I’m so happy to hear that the change in your work situation is apparently for the better. Restructuring can be scary because you never know how things are going to shake out for you, so I’m glad this has been positive for you.


    1. Thank you! Yeah, the situation isn’t easy by any means, and we’re in the common position of doing more with less. The changes, I hope, will challenge me in a good way to become better and offer me new ways to grow while eliminating some specific stresses I was dealing with.

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