I’m not taking advice in 2016

You know those posts from wellness websites like GPS for the Soul that promise “3 secrets to happiness”?

I’m not reading them anymore.

For too long, I’ve been addicted to those kind of posts. Because some do offer good information at how to quiet anxiety (yes, please!) and live a happier life. There’s also a lot of shitty information out there. Oh dear lord can we stop with the toxins? But still, there are some good perspectives and tips out there.

I’ve been reading them for too long. In reality, I’ve been reading the same kind of crap over and over hoping, one of these days, the tips will stick and I’ll have less stress and more energy.

We all know, deep down, that’s bullshit.

Life is messy. It’s difficult at times. We have to learn lessons again and again and again and AGAIN for them to stick. And then sometimes they don’t.

Mindfulness, for instance, is a practice we have to cultivate over weeks and months, and even then, we’re not always going to be successful.

I’ve weaned myself from these websites and posts for the past several months. I’ve even cleaned out my social media feeds to eliminate these tantalizing posts from my site. Certainly, I’ll stick with a few: Jennifer Pastiloff, Elizabeth Gilbert and Nicole Antoinette.

And Picard Tips, obviously. Captain Jean-Luc Picard has got our backs.

They don’t present the shiny stuff or the easy tips. It’s the real shit, the good and the bad.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about how to build a better life, it’s that I already have everything I need.

No more of this scarcity, fearing I don’t have the right attitude, discipline, knowledge or wisdom. Enough. I’ve got it all in truckloads.

The only thing I need to do is listen. To myself.


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