Woman up in 2016

Leaving 2015 behind is quite a relief. It wasn’t my favorite year.

My grandpa and two family friends died, I dropped out of a marathon and I’ve never dealt with so much stress (which is why I ended up with a DNF). 

Since late 2015, I’ve been working on mindfulness and handling that stress more productively. I’m pleased to say I’m getting a little better.

With a new year comes new running goals.

In May, I’m going for a half marathon PR on my favorite course: Bayshore in Travese City. Apparently every runner I know will be there, so it look forward to a great weekend. Running a half marathon is a great test and a lot of fun without the stress of a marathon. I need to get my confidence back up and go through a successful training segment. I didn’t do that in 2015.

I’m returning to my goal of trying to run a 3:30 marathon, hopefully at the Marine Corp. Marathon in D.C.  If I don’t make the lottery, I’m looking at Madison, Wisconsin or Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is when I must woman up. This goal requires a 23-minute PR, no small feat. But I believe in myself. Some of my training in 2015 showed me I’m capable.

I’m looking forward to spending more time on the bike. My dad and I have a goal to complete two 100-mile tours. Sharing that adventure with my dad is a cool experience.

Overall, I’m optimistic about this year. This year is about discipline and doing what I need to do rather than what I feel like. Stress causes bad habits, like too much sugar and TV. 

I want a more creative, peaceful year than the one I had. One thing I’ve learned is that everything I need is already within me, and I’m carrying that forward in everything I do.

Here’s to a great year for all of us. 

Head up, wings out.


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