My Lazy Christmas Sweatpants Party (of one)

During the last two months, I think I’ve stayed home at my apartment for maybe two weeks.

I’ve gone to my cabin, Canada and Chicago.

Lots of driving, lots of packing and unpacking. For an introvert like me, that’s exhausting, even if I am having fun.

So this weekend, I’m going to have a Christmas in Sweatpants celebration. Guests? Just me. In sweatpants. Watching Christmas movies like Elf, The Muppet Christmas Carol (oh hell yes) and It’s a Wonderful Life. And probably A Charlie Brown Christmas. Maybe The Santa Clause, too. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

This is often a crazy busy time of year, rushing around all over the place to see family and make food and buy gifts and decorate and all the rest. But it’s important to take some downtime if that’s what you need, if you can. That’s a luxury for me I realize not everyone has.

But I also realize sweatpants and staying in more has become a small cultural revolution. TV shows and actors celebrate it. Many of us (me!) spent all those years pushing ourselves to GO DO SOMETHING when maybe we really just wanted to stay in.

Doing things is great, but it’s OK to do nothing. It’s actually good for you once in a while.

So here’s to sweatpants and staying in more. Cheers from my couch. I wish you all merry sweatpantsing.


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