My top goal for 2016

My year tends to operate less on the date and more on my running and racing season.

Since my 2015 campaign was done in November, it’s 2016 for me. A new year means new goals.

My top goal this year: to practice mindfulness and to make it a habit. Life is, after all, nothing more than a habit.

We live in a connected world with an overwhelming number of distractions. Too much demands our attention at any one time. And then there’s that damn FOMO. Am I missing out on some funny photo on Facebook? Or a conversation about doping on twitter? I spend too much of my day at a computer, iPad or phone at my job and then after work.

OK, enough. I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of being so exhausted and fatigued from the world that I have no creative thoughts or will to find inspiration and motivation. I don’t want to collapse after a work day or workout to get sucked online or binge-watching a TV show.

Since it’s nearly impossible to live life without social media and the Internet, I’m going to practice mindfulness. I mean commit to this shit.

Mindfulness, or being here now and paying attention to my thoughts, can help if I commit to it. I’m taking control of my addiction to the Internet, my creative fatigue and my life with intention and purpose.

Along with that commitment to the practice, which I’ll do in my daily activities and with yoga and meditation, I’m going to say no to social media after work and on Sundays and mindless web surfing every day through December. This allows me to use social during work hours, but have a purposeful break to let my mind rest and focus.

I’ve read A LOT about mindfulness and living with intention; it’s time to put that to use like I have what I’ve learned about emotional intelligence. In some ways, this is the tougher challenge.

So here’s to 2016, in which I live with intention and in the present.


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