What the duck?

Five years ago I lost my appetite for meat.

Except fish, but we know that’s basically a vegetable. Thanks, Ron Swanson.

Anyway, I had gone from enjoying steak and venison to detesting it. I had no explaination, except I know my tastes have changed over the years. Once I hated blue cheese, then one day I wanted it on a salad and that was it. I used to hate jalapeños and hot sauce and heat, and then I loved all of it. 

So after five years with no bacon, no beef and no chicken, I had a few dreams where I ate meat. That piqued my curiosity. Last Saturday, I ate duck.

My friend had killed a mallard that morning on a lake not 200 meters from where he grilled it. And I just wanted a bite. Then I had some of my aunt’s delicious tater tot casserole made with venison from a deer my uncle shot on the same property. 

Today, I ate a pastrami sandwich. I ate all of it. And it was amazing.

I’m not sure why I wanted meat again or why it started tasting good again. I still don’t want chicken or pork. My main interest is in wild game. Guess I’m going to have to start hunting next year (I’m serious).

My theory? My body was telling me to eat it again. Since going off meat, I’ve struggled with my iron levels. Protein wasn’t as big of a problem as iron, despite what so many people said (“How do you get enough protein?!” as if fats and carbs are worthless).

Going forward, I’m going to take care with the meat I eat, and at least for now, I probably won’t eat it daily. I want to avoid factory farm products and instead eat sustainably-sourced meat from well-treated and wild animals. I’m going to pick up a compound bow and .30-06 and put my own meals on the table. If I’m going to eat it, I don’t want to shy away from the rest.

I’m glad I was a veggie for five years. I tried so many new kinds of food (Brussles sprouts!) and came to love others (sweet potatoes! Pretty much any vegetable roasted! Lentils!). I’ll still enjoy many veggie and vegan favorites, but hopefully with some venison tenderloin on the side once in a while.

I’m interested to see how this diet change impacts my life. It’ll be easier at restaurants and eating with family for sure.

Oh my god, breakfast sausage! Venison burgers and tenderloin! SO MANY THINGS!


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