One more finish line

My last attempt at a race left a bad taste in my mouth for 2015.

I didn’t meet my goals of running two marathons and setting a PR. It was a year of struggling and coping, a year of just trying to keep forward momentum.

Now I’ve got peroneal tendonitis in my right foot. It’s mild, thankfully, but tendonitis of any kind isn’t any fun. I’m resting, icing, (foam) rolling and strengthening. A podiatrist noted I have tight Achilles tendons, which likely contributed to the peroneal tendonitis. I’m grateful I don’t seem to have any serious trouble with my cuboids. The pain I felt in my left foot on marathon day has totally gone.

But since I know it’s tendonitis and not something more serious, I plan to run a Turkey Trot on Saturday. It’s a 5K and I plan to run it, not race it. This is to get out there and successfully cross the finish line one more time in 2015. I hate to end the season on such a down note.

These last two weeks I’ve been working a lot on figuring things out, making positive changes and looking ahead.

My 2016 goal is to run one or two strong half marathons in the spring to get my confidence back without going straight for a marathon. That also will give me the chance to spend my spring and summer on the bike to go for another century ride (or two). I’m hoping to run Marine Corp. Marathon in the fall, but if I don’t make the lottery I’ll look at Madison or Manchester, New Hampshire.

Right now, however, I’m reminded that everything I need is already within me. I’m reexamining my expectations, which I think are often too high and lead to disappointment. Life is better when I live in the moment, but that’s really tough for me. Maybe I need the feel of control more than I realized. Life is messy and surprising, and I need to accept the mess and let life surprise me more often.

To be human is to be in progress.


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