Road to recovery: Ow, my cuboids!

It may turn out that the incredible fatigue I had that forced me to drop out of the Hamilton Marathon was good for me in another way.

I noted after the race I could barely walk. During the first 6K (I love the metric system, so I’m rolling with it), it felt like there was a nasty cramp on the outside of my left foot. Although it went away, it came back at about 22K. I had the sensation I picked up something on my shoe, like a piece of gum or a rock. But there was nothing there.

After the race and for the rest of the day, walking on that foot was pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t (and still don’t) want to flex my ankle or put weight on the outside of my foot.

Two days later, the discomfort is there in both of my feet. I have an odd walk right now.

Thing is, I should have seen this coming. I recalled feeling tenderness and discomfort in both my feet for a few months. It didn’t interfere with anything, and I thought it was because of  the way I often sat at work so I just kept going. But maybe it’s something worse.

My guess is cuboid syndrome or tendonitis, but I’m not a doctor. The discomfort is at the cuboid bone, and I’ve got some plantar pain in my left foot, which is consistent with cuboid subluxation. Hopefully, I’ll find out next week at an appointment I’ve made with a podiatrist. If this is my cuboid bones, I’m not messing around.

I wrote yesterday I wouldn’t run until I wanted to. I want to run. Not to train, but to run just because I love running. No running until I visit the doctor, but I am getting daily exercise with Oiselle’s November challenge, #chasethebird. Exercise for 15 minutes a day, it doesn’t matter what you do. Just move. This is the perfect challenge for me right now. It’ll ensure I do something every day, from walking to yoga to strength training.

Despite the shit I’ve been through, I’m excited for my future in marathoning. I’ve got so much left to do.


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