Road to the Hamilton Marathon

The first half of 2015 was pretty tough.

Asthma kicked my ass, running wasn’t going well and high levels of anxiety made daily life tough going. And then my grandfather died at the end of May. It was tough, and still is tough, to lose him. As I write this, I’m wrapped in one of his many flannel shirts and I’m typing on an oak desk he made me.

All of this made me want to hide from the world.

But in June, on vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I made the choice to choose love over fear, stop giving so much of my energy to expected outcomes, give life my all and let the chips fall where they may. I pulled myself out of the hole I was in.

And now? On Tuesday evening I marveled at how awesome my life is. Instead of fear, I have excitement for the future. Marathons! Adventures! Challenges!

On July 26, I rocked my second 100-mile bike tour (race report here).

Today I start training for the Hamilton Marathon on Nov. 1 in Hamilton, Ont. My goal is to run 3:45, which would beat my PR of 3:53.

I’m excited to say I’ll be racing as a member of the Oiselle Volée! It’s thrilling to be a part of such a fantastic team of runners, and I hope to see some of my fellow birds in Ontario.

I’ve got a few races planned on the way to 26.2:

Sanford and Sun Duathlon – Aug. 8 in Sanford, Mich.

Crim 10-mile and 5K – Aug. 22 in Flint, Mich.

Kensington 15K Challenge – Sept. 19 in Kensington Metropark

I’ll keep you posted on my training along the way. Head up, wings out!


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