Post marathon: A different runner

Until this afternoon, I was a tad concerned about my half marathon in two weeks.

Then I went out and ran a solid 15 miles. It was at my usual easy pace, but it didn’t hurt until the last two miles. That’s a pleasant surprise, considering my training has been so rough for about two months. My last longest run was a 10-miler a couple weeks ago, and before that a 12-mile run in March. I didn’t take any sports drink or gels with me, just 40 ounces of water and I didn’t drink it all.

I feel good post-run, too. My legs hurt and I’m really loving my couch right now, but I’m not about to crash.

Luckily, the worst of my allergy seasons (early spring) is about past me now. I can get back to work after this half.

While I was running, I realized what a different runner I was after the marathon in the fall. You hear that; Marathons change you. Until today, I didn’t really appreciate that. I understand what the elites say about years of training creating a solid base. The more time you spend doing something, the easier it gets. Those 15 miles just felt normal. Last year, it would’ve taken more out of me.

One thing that really helps is I only worry about the mile I’m in. You have a vague awareness of how far you’ve gone and how far you’ve got to go. Otherwise, I enjoy the sights and exploring new roads and let my mind wander where it will.

While this upcoming half certainly won’t be my best, I’m at least going in healthy even if I am undertrained. Better to be healthy anyway. I’ve surprised myself in races before, maybe I will again.

I have hope for this summer’s marathon training segment. Hopefully I can keep everything; nutrition, training, recovery and cross-training in line. If so, look out Chicago!


2 thoughts on “Post marathon: A different runner

  1. Thank you! It was such a boost to have a run like that. Some days in April I could barely run 2 miles because of my asthma, so I had no idea what kind of shape I was in. I’m so excited for marathon training.


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